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About John Mark
About John Mark
About John Mark

John Mark, You will soon realise everyone calls him Mark for some reason, it’s a long story.

Mark has an outlook on Weddings completely unique its not about just filming a Wedding for him, it is about so much more, creating a beautiful journey. He isn't your conventional videographer he strives to capture emotion in each frame delivering on the clients true expectations. 

If your a couple with a real connection who love to show it then Mark is right for you. Mark as mentioned isn't your standard videographer if required and in many circumstances Mark will support in the planning process from recommendations to advice & guidance. On the day itself clients trust in him to make sure the day runs smoothly, timings are everything and so are creative moments. Mark makes sure all these work together as well as allowing you to spend time with loved ones and all your Wedding party. This is just an insight into what Mark does when you book him, you get the entire package.

These unique ways of filming have caught the eye of most recently the Welsh National Wedding Awards who have recognised Mark at the National Awards. If our unique style sounds interesting to you why not drop Mark a message for a chat.

Email Mark - mark@johnmarkfilms.co.uk 

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