About John Mark
About John Mark
About John Mark

Hello I am John-Mark, you will soon realise everyone calls me Mark for some reason.

It was my mothers fault they called me the name with the double barrel then introduced me in primary school as Mark and it stuck. Just call me Mark I am at an age where I don't care anymore. Right, now we are over that hurdle let's talk a bit more about myself and Weddings. I have two dogs a cat and a little baby girl on the way with my wife Samantha. I have an obsession about what I do which my wife has to put up with but it's my passion. I hope this comes across in my Films. I call myself a Cinematographer or Filmmaker as I don't just do a "wedding video" it's so much more than that. I hope by viewing our Films you feel the same too.

I started in the industry over 3 years ago and full time for just over 2 and half years. I am humbled to won the awards we have and be recognised nationally. I had a vision starting out to bring a fresh approach to Wedding Filmmaking obviously what I do has developed over time but the ethos and ambition has stayed the same. The great thing for me about Weddings is every one is different our Films are tailored to you the clients. I love having that connection with couples this does help by offering a pre shoot which adds such depth to your story. I feel I can just blend in at Weddings but if needs be then some couples do like me taking a lead on things.

I travel across the UK & abroad. This year for example I am in Gloucester, Bristol, Cardiff, Bath, Portugal, Cyprus & Swansea to name a few even in the middle of nowhere in the welsh mountains. I am lucky to have such brilliant clients who trust me to deliver them memories for a lifetime. If you have read all of this I am sorry I hope it has helped with you getting to know a bit about me and what I do. Feel free to click on some of my Films & if you want to chat just head to the "contact" page.

Thank you again


Email - mark@johnmarkfilms.co.uk 

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