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The Creative Journey begins with John-Marks Exclusive Approach: Please refer to a selection of 'Samples' of Collections available. Important to bare in mind is every Wedding is individual and I would like to know everything you have planned for your Wedding celebrations. Is it a 1/2/3 day celebration, would you like more documentation? Let's talk and discuss how I can provide a bespoke service for you. You may wish to add an additional Videographer to myself and we can do this for a one off fee of £495.

Film Collection 01

Short Story Film (6 to 8 minutes) Ceremony (In Full) Speeches (In Full)

The Short Film format has resulted in some of the most breathtaking Films. The Short Story Film is full of creativity & is the ultimate sprinkle of your Wedding celebrations. The new generation of filmamking to showcase and is becoming more & more popular.


Film Collection 02

Feature Film (15 to 18 minutes) Ceremony (In Full) Speeches (In Full)

If you would like a more in depth experience or maybe just a longer Film the Feature length approach could be up your street. These Films are timeless creations taking in all the goodness of your Wedding celebrations.


Film Collection 03

Feature Film (15 to 18 minutes) Short Story Film (6 to 8 minutes) Ceremony (In Full) Speeches (In Full)

Would you like the best of both worlds. A timeless classic Feature Film but yet a creative sprinkle Short Film? The Collection 03 is the full body experience.




- Exclusive Full Day Coverage

- High Resolution Imagery Edited in our bespoke style

- Minimum 500 images individually edited

- Private online Gallery

- Your images sent on our bespoke USB & casing


Elegant Prints

12 x 12 Fine Art Album

- Leather or Matte Finish with a choice of colours

- Designed for you with your selection of images 50 pages (25 spreads)

10 x 10 Fine Art Album

As above

(Story Books availble on request 6 x 6)


Some clients who wish for a more exclusive feel and all round approach with myself can combine Film & Photography in one booking. Clients who wish to do this will benefit from:

- An Exclusive Saving - Huge amount of less issues trying to work out other costs with suppliers. - My team & I will be with you on the day every step of the way in a non obtrusive way.

If you wish to explore this then please talk to me - 


It's important to talk... Your Wedding is bespoke let me provide you with a Collection applicable to your Wedding. I can't wait to hear about all your plans and I want to know all the details. x