Best Wedding Videographer Winner 2018 & 2019

(National Welsh Wedding Awards)

Recognised UK Wedding Videographer & Destination Wedding Videographer

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Hello my name is John-Mark & I run John-Mark Studios. We provide for clients who value the experience and adventurous side of Wedding Videography & Wedding Photography. I am a Destination Wedding Videographer & Destination Wedding Photographer focused on the details and creating true Wedding Cinematography for clients. Stories make up moments in time throughout our lives Wedding Videography should also reflect this. Couples who want to create something uniquely special or even want to have an Elopement Wedding I would love to hear from. I travel across Europe to some of the most wonderful Destinations for Destination Wedding Videography. I have won a few high profile awards but more importantly made some incredible connections with the most wonderful of clients.

I have filmed over 200 Weddings across the UK & Destinations in Europe creating memories which last a lifetime. Connections with clients inspire myself to create hence our reputation across the industry.

I am lucky to travel with my job which I believe is the best in the World. I work across the UK including Cardiff,Hereford, Bristol, Cotswolds , Bath, London and travels to Destinations across Europe


There is something magical about two soles connecting together to create beautiful Elopement Weddings. I am a Elopement Wedding Videographer & Photographer looking to provide and create experiences for clients which are uniquely desired.  A uniquely desired style of Wedding with story at the heart. I would love to hear from couples who are planning their Elopement Wedding whatever the Destination. Let's discuss some plans and what we can achieve together. 


As a Elopement Wedding Photographer & Elopement Wedding Videographer it can be a much more relaxed approach without all the added thoughts and sometimes complications any large event planning can bring. As a couple sometimes you just don't want the added pressure of organising large scale events some couples decide the more intimate feeling of an Elopement Wedding can have that emotional touch. 

Take a stripped back approach and start planning an Elopement Wedding. The great thing about this style is the ability it gives me to get to know clients even better and bring those stories to the forefront of my Wedding Videography. Elopement Wedding Videography is a hugely rewarding approach to Filmmaking. If you are thinking about Elopement Wedding Videography & Elopement Wedding Photography I would love to hear about all your exciting plans. 

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