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V  o  t  e  d   B  e  s  t   

W  e  d  d  i  n  g   

V  i  d  e  o  g  r  a  p  h  e  r    


W  e  l  s  h   N  a  t  i  o  n  a  l    

W  e  d  d  i  n  g   

A  w  a  r  d  s   

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T  h e  d e t a i l  o f  a r t   //  

C r e a t i v e  P a s s i o n  i n  

e v e r y  f r a m e


If you have come across my website and you are reading this wondering should I have a Wedding Film? well firstly I am the person suitable for those who are thinking exactly this. I am John-Mark and our Wedding Films have been recognised nationally for their creative, artistic approach. Minimal Filmmaking, documenting your Story together and bringing this piece by piece into a beautiful Film. Discreet in approach with minimal fuss, no big cameras, no big glide cams or a man walking in front of you telling you what to do. My approach is simplistic in nature but detailed in how your film is captured using natural light.

I have filmed over 200 Weddings across the UK & Destinations in Europe creating memories which last a lifetime. Connections with clients inspire myself to create hence our reputation across the industry. 

I am lucky to travel with my job which I believe is the best in the World. I work across the UK including Cardiff,Hereford, Bristol, Cotswolds , Bath, London and travels to Destinations across Europe. 

Fairyhill Gower Wedding Video

London to Monmouthshire | Wedding Video