Dubrovnik, Croatia

Jessica & Joel
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Thu 12 September 19

When it comes to Destination Weddings Dubrovnik is one of those that you just want to tick off. I visited Dubrovnik to video the Wedding of Jessica and Joel. I first spoke with Jessica over a year ago and she talked me through all the plans for the Wedding. Straight away I was excited at the thought of the Wedding and the plans in place. Just looking at photos of this incredible destination gave me goose bumps the thought of filming in and around this amazing location. Dubrovnik is steeped in history and the old town is surrounded by steep large stone walls from the 16th century. The buildings have been so well preserved since the war in the region ended. The Adriatic sea washes into the harbour where you can find some beautiful restaurants and bars. This is where I started my walk around the old town the day before the Wedding. I wanted to take in the culture of this beautifully ancient place. The Wedding was held at the Villa Sheherezade a 20 minute walk along the coast however 5 minutes by speedboat as you can see. The Wedding Planners did an incrddible job turning this ancient Villa into a very special Wedding day. We did make it back to the Old Town on the day itself by taking the speedboat across with the bride & groom. Even arriving in the harbour and the cheers that greeted the bride & groom was very special. This Wedding Video from Croatia tells the story of a few days spent in this incredible destination. Safe to say I must return soon. 


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